Father’s Day was great.
It involved some steak, a chocolate mint dessert, and a shake weight.
Yes, he asked for a “shake weight.”
So I reluctantly bought something with the “as seen on TV” label.
I’ll let you know how that goes.
The kids did a little bit of chocolate making for their dad and grandpas.
chocolate ties
One child was inspired to do stripes, one polka dots, and my 3 year old could hardly handle
filling a solid tie without licking the spoon 5 times. That one went to his dad.
choc ties 2
The girls have this chocolate making thing down. Do one color, freeze, then the other layers…
choc ties 3
My oldest even knew it needed to be wrapped up after it got to room temp because it
would sweat if wrapped straight out of the freezer. Man, she’s good.
choc ties 4
And just because I have to be cheesy sometimes, this was on the front door.
I put this old party decoration to good use.
mr. incredible pinwheel
Last year I bought the “world’s greatest Dad” t-shirt from Old Navy
and then I found it in the “donate” pile within the year.
I’m thinking he might not like cheesy, but the kids like to shout it from the roof tops that he is
the best dad in the world. He humors us.
Anyway, I’m sure you’d like to get down to business. {ahem}

The giveaway…
Kass and I bought a few of our favorite things to share with one of you.

And the is… Comment #5!
Congrats Chris, I will contact you for your address!
Thanks to all who joined in the fun.
I love to click on the follower pictures or comment pictures and go visit your blogs.
It is a fun way of getting to know you and I love to learn from your projects too!