I’ve been known to allow some artistic expression of my kids in the form of paint color and room decor. Last time this resulted in my 10 year old choosing a turquoise bedroom that required sunglasses.

039 (2)

038 (2)

I know, it’s alarming. But, she loved it and I awarded myself the Best Mom of the Day award.

Now, she’s 15 and had to move bedrooms so little monkey could have a room.

This time it’s Zebralicious.


This bed fits into a funky niche in the walls so I tried to do something grand and exciting over her bed. She said she wakes up with glitter on her face every morning. That’s the price of being fancy I say.


This zebratastic corner features a chair that I splurged and a garage sale, spray painted mirror. I figure it all evens out.


We got this hand me down desk which fits in this weird spot in the room.

I changed out the knobs and fabric on the seat so it’s zebra-sassy.


To complete the wild animal preserve, we have my IKEA frames from my previous post.

Even though I’m not sure it’s any less obnoxious than the turquoise train wreck I have a happy 15 year old and don’t have to wear my sunglasses in the house.

And then I gave myself another Best Mom of the Day award in the form of 5 pieces of Almond Roca.

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