Just a little “teacher appreciation” gift to share.
you rule

A sugar cookie, a cellophane bag and a cute tag….. my kind of “gift.”
bag and tag

Making a little ruler cookie was as simple as cutting the dough in rectangles with a knife,
and icing some straight (kind of) lines.
I did get out an actual ruler to guide me because that’s the kind of structure I need.
I tried not to be a perfectionist. Imperfect is what makes it look handmade, right?
That’s what I’m telling myself.

Seriously though, when I realize how many hours my kids spend with their teachers,
I realize the profound impact that they have on their lives. A great teacher really is a treasure.
Though they deserve much more than a simple cookie,
I hope they know that I really do appreciate the time they take with my children.

My mom was a teacher and she told me that appreciating the school secretaries,
principals and janitors is also very important. So I appreciated them with a sugar cookie too.

Then, after I appreciated my kids, and a few others, I appreciated myself with a sugar cookie.

I’m linking this to bake at 350.
If you haven’t checked out that site, you must go now!