Give candy!
cb 1

If you’re like me, you will go to your fair share of recitals, performances and graduations this season.
If you are going to see a little ballerina, a mini concert pianist or maybe a “pre-school graduate,”
they might be even more excited about a candy bouquet!

These were from last year’s ballet recital.
They are for my kids, nieces, neighborhood friends and family friends that were dancing in the show.

You can make them with fun size or full size candy bars. This one is a combination of both:
cb 2

You can attach your candy to a simple bamboo skewer (that you get at the grocery) with scotch tape.
(Thank-you to my sister-in-law Amy who showed me this).
I use two pieces of tape, (three for a full size bar).
One over the sharp edge, and one toward the base of the candy to secure it.
Hot glue will melt the chocolate and some plastic wrappers.
But no one I know would be silly enough to try that. (me)
cb 3

Then you can situate the candy, so it looks presentable.
Now scotch tape the sticks together toward the bottom. Wrap it tight enough that the sticks don’t really move.
cb 4

Now you pull out about 2 feet of cellophane from your roll and cut.
Place the candy in a corner and swaddle this candy bouquet like little baby.
Now wish you were smelling baby lotion instead of chocolate and proceed to feel very baby hungry.
Oh wait, that last step is optional. That’s what I do.
Now secure your swaddle with one more piece of scotch tape.
Tie a bow around that spot to cover up your tape trick.
Add a tag that says something like, “Here’s a sweet treat for a sweet dancer!”
cb 6

This group of bouquets was for Nutcracker performances, hence the chocolate Santas and Nutrcackers.
But the thing I like most about this is that I can make them up a few days in advance and have them ready to go!
That way I’m not worried about going to the florist at the same time I’m curling hair and finding costumes.
cb 7

Kids do love getting flowers, but my kids seem to get them from other people and this just adds a little variety.
I have them delivered backstage along with all of the other flowers, so it is still very exciting to them.
The only trick is getting them to wait to eat them until they take their costume off.

Chocolate on a tutu is definitely a “no no.”

p.s. These would work for teacher appreciation week too! ­čÖé