I got a jigsaw from my dad, for my birthday last year.
I’ve had great intentions to step up my crafting game into the world of woodworking,
but it has remained untouched… until now!

I started by projecting a little butterfly image onto a half sheet of plywood.
(I don’t have faith in my freehand abilities. I never took an art class, ever).
Then, my husband gave me a lesson on how to use my saw and we both cut this baby out.
It wasn’t too hard after all.

Then I painted…
butterfly toss copy

After I was done painting, I added some pearlescent highlights for some shimmer.
I also outlined it with a permanent marker to make it pop out.
Here’s a close up:
close up

Isn’t she a beauty? I feel like she should have a name.
I’ve spent so much time with her, you’d think I’d know her name by now.

She’s all ready for her debut at the upcoming church activity.
The kids will toss their hearts out at the “Spring Fling.”

Then, the part I’m dreading…… storing this beast!
I’ll be so tempted to get rid of it because I don’t want any more garage clutter.
But I’ll try to keep it with the hope of using it again at a school carnival.
Or maybe one of my friends will ask me to borrow it for their butterfly party.
Or maybe it will prove to be the most time consuming jigsaw lesson ever!

I better not name her, just in case we have to part ways.
I wouldn’t want to shed a tear.

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