Of all the craftiness I try, if I had to pick one area to identify with, I’d probably say scrapbooking.
Kathryn and I have been cutting and pasting since 1995. We love it!

But where are all the scrapbook pages on this blog?
Well, I’ve been a little off my game. Slacking. Unorganized. Pictures not printed…..
Plus, last year we did project 365 so that was a little different than our normal scrap habits.

So in an effort to get in the grove and try to remember how to scrapbook,
I decided to do a warm up and make some cards.
I printed out some phrases and digital elements, lots of them from house of 3.
I gave one copy to my sis in case she was in the mood for a warm up too.
We only used scraps that we had leftover from previous projects.

So we both made a set of cards on our own.
It was fun to compare and have people guess which ones were mine and which ones were hers.
(Kathryn is more creative and more of an “out of the box thinker,” I am only trying to keep up).
Do you know who’s cards are on the left and who’s are on the right?

I think it’s appropriate to start with the bee themed card!
card 1


card 3

card 4

caed 5

card 6

card 7

So now that our scraps are all cleaned out and we’ve remembered how to crop and embellish,
we are warmed up and ready for our upcoming scrapbook weekend with our good friends.

Can’t wait.

p.s. My cards are on the left, Kathryn’s are on the right.

I’m sharing at Today’s Creative Blog. 🙂