I heard that my daughter’s teacher’s birthday was coming up.
I don’t always do this, because I don’t always know, but this time, I did!
And I can’t resist an opportunity to make a teacher feel appreciated.
This one is extra special to me and I’ve known her for a long time.

So I sent a secret note home to tell the kids that her birthday was coming and we were having a surprise party.
I mentioned that they could write a letter/card for her as a gift.
Then we surprised her by bringing in a treat for everyone and singing to her.

I’ve seen these “cupcake toppers” on at least 100,000 blogs and I know why.
They are so cute and fun to make.

I made a personalized apple with photoshop and some digital elements.
I got the “hello teacher” kit from house of 3.

It’s as easy as printing and punching.
These huge punches are so handy. I use them for so many different things.

So thank-you 100,000 people who gave me this idea.
I don’t know who to link to, because I don’t know who thought of this, but thank-you!
You are a genius.