So, I just survived a field trip to a cheese factory with 120 first graders.

I was trying to be all educational until I had to say “teat” and then it got awkward.

But, I made a new friend at the field trip between spurts of yelling “Walk, don’t run.” and thinking “I hope none of that kid’s mucous gets on me.”

Now it’s time to make some new blogland friends.

A few weeks ago, our new friend, Kalleen from At Second Street made us her new friend on her very sweet blog post here She is fabulously crafty and I wish our kids were friends so we could attend all of her parties. She was participating in an invitation from Jami at Ain’t She Crazy another super fun blog so here we go.
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Now it’s our turn to introduce to to a new friend who is my friend in real life and blogland. I met Rebecca when she was about to pop with her first baby. Now all 5 of her kids are in school (which fact she likes to rub in) so it’s been awhile. We haven’t lived in the same state for years so I look at her blog if I need ideas, feel like picking up a hammer, or need a good laugh.

She’s got teachers gift ideas

She frames out everything in the cutest way, doorways, mirrors, and utensils for giants.


And if you want to feel really inferior, check out the soffit she built. (I just now learned what a soffit was)


She is a woman of wonder and here are some things she has taught me.

1. Invitations don’t have to be the kind you fill in the blank.
2. Picture frames don’t have to be (and really shouldn’t be) made of Oak.
3. You can paint a whole room with a tiny paint roller that way you don’t have to tape anything off or lay down a tarp.
4. With a little creativity you can make almost anything from the dollar store look like it came from Tiffanys
5. Paint can do almost anything because it’s awesome (and cheap)
6. You can (I mean she can) put up beadboard along a whole hallway with 3 toddlers hanging off each limb. I testify under penalty of perjery, I saw it, it’s true.
7. Favors should be fabulous. The woman gave out favors at the hospital to friends who visited after she had her third baby. They said thanks for helping us welcome our Third Musketeer with the candy bar attached. Even though she felt like she just sat on a bomb, she was crafting and thinking of others.
8. Room re-dos don’t require lots of money or your hubby’s help although either is greatly appreciated.
9. You can get a new house every two years and during that time demolish, paint, and change everything so it is amazingly unrecognizable.
10. Craig (slist) is like a brother. Always there when you need him.

I am a sucker for family picture montages so I knew when I saw this on her blog I had to copy it.


Now lower your expectations, because here is mine. But Rebecca would be proud because I did that whole project for free.


Go enjoy some of Rebecca’s self proclaimed foolishness at Older and Wisor. And then come thank me.