I’ve been working (at a slugs pace) on my teenager’s bedroom redo.

I’ve been “sewing”, decopaging, stapling, drilling, and giving my online shopping muscles a workout to find all things zebra. But not too many things, lest it look like a wildlife preserve.

In my quest to not give my debit card quite so hard of a workout, I’ve been feeling the IKEA love and wanted to give a shout out.

These mirrors are just one of the many inexpensive items ($2.99 each) that can help those of us decoratingly challenged.

They start out looking like this.

Naked. We can’t have that.


For this room we decided to decopage.


I found some zebra scrapbook paper which I cut to the same size as the mirrored frame.


I had very few unzebrafied spots left in her room so these went up here.


I need to give a shout out to my genius friend, Rebecca (Older and Wisor), for making sure IKEA was even in my vocabulary and my friend Tisha who first inspired me with these little mirrors by transforming a gazillion of them with paint into a thing of wonder in her entry way.

I bow to you. And IKEA.