Doesn’t this sound good tomorrow morning?

Well, this isn’t really a recipe,
just a reminder that a hot breakfast for the family is just a frying pan away…

My mom called these scones, growing up.
But they aren’t true scones. They are closer to donuts.
Really, it’s just fried bread.
Whatever I call it though, people are always impressed when I make these.
And really, there is no making involved. I cheat with frozen dough!

Just set out a loaf of frozen bread dough the night before… tonight would be good.
I like bridgeford and rhodes brand.
Cover it with a clean dish towel and go to bed.

Wake up to a puffy ball of dough.
Split it in 2 and roll it out with flour.
Slice it up with a pizza cutter.
Let these little pieces rise for another half hour to an hour.

While they are set aside for a few minutes, make some honey butter.
Just whip up some room temp butter and honey!
A word of warning though, I have permanent scars on my arms from putting honey in the microwave.
I was brainless that day, but aren’t you glad you can learn from my mistakes?
honey butter

Now heat your oil. Don’t let it deter you if you don’t have a deep fryer.
Just fill your pan with about 1 1/2 inches of oil.
If it is the right temp, your dough will sizzle when you drop the bread in,
but not spit grease and go crazy.
They will puff up and get golden brown. Then flip em!

My hubby likes to dip em in hot maple syrup.
My kids like to sprinkle on powdered sugar.
I like boysenberry jam or honey butter.

This really is a fast breakfast if you subtract the rising time! 🙂
Perfect for a Sunday morning.