It’s kinda a tradition to make some sort of Easter basket cupcake.

This is last year:
easter basket cupcakes

It was a devastating emergency when our whole town was out of cadbury mini eggs,
which are the cutest egg for a mini basket. I looked everywhere.
But just a few days before Easter, they were no where to be found.

This called for a substitution of peanut m&ms. We also used this stuff called edible grass.
This edible grass comes in long strands (you can find it at Target) and we just cut it up into small pieces.
-The handle of the basket is made from the rainbow colored twizzlers.
I have dyed coconut green in years past, but the kids never end up using it.
Like in these pictures from 2 years ago. No grass.
jen and natalie

I couldn’t access pictures from more than 2 years back, but every year and every version was fun.
Anyway we tried it, our kids appreciated having free reign and creativity with the supplies given

In this picture, Justin was barely 2 and I love the look on his face.
I imagine he was thinking, “one of these things is not like the other.”
Or, “why doesn’t mine look like that one?”
Or maybe in his 2-year old mind he was thinking, “I just made an awesome Easter basket cupcake.”
justin making cupcake

The kids love this tradition and I have a bag of cadbury mini’s ready for this year!

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