I’m in the mood to sew.

Aren’t these fabrics just edible?
Okay, I don’t eat fabric, but I do snuggle it a little.

My favorite place for gorgeous and affordable fabric is here.
My recent fabric spree is what has me totally inspired, beyond my actual sewing capabilities.
I keep meaning to take real sewing lessons, but until then, I manage to stumble through my projects.

I have made a few aprons with this Amy Butler pattern.
I’ve made them for gifts and I’m finding it harder and harder to give them away.
I don’t even have one single apron. How wrong is that?

And I’m knee deep in a quilt for my daughter.
I’m doing a variation of this pattern from Moda Bake Shop.
But I’m most excited (and nervous) about sewing with minky fabric for the first time. (Any tips?)
It will be so soft on the back. I love the subtle paisley print in it.
I’ll show ya the finished product later.

If you have stopped by and wondered why I’m in my pajamas at noon, now you understand.
Or if I have been forgetful (sorry Starla) because I am not sleeping much, now you understand.

I’ve been sewing.