I’m sure you all know the the awe inspiring “bakerella“-
famous in blogland for her cupcake pops.

Well, have you tried them yet?

Kass and I made these last Easter time.
Yep, the cuteness of these little chicks sent me over the edge from…
I should try to make those- to -I have to make those cupcake pops ASAP.

They were a little time consuming and involved ignoring the children just a bit.
But look how cute:
chick pops

I finished them off by painting a terra cotta pot pink and putting a little grass in.
I gave them to my VT people and neighbors and there were still plenty for the fam.

But, cuteness is not the end of it.
Did you know they are actually really tasty too?

I won’t forget the text I got from our neighbor after he ate them.
He said, “Those chicky snacks are off the chains!”

So, from then on, these are not called cake pops in our house,
they are called “CHICKY SNACKS.”

And I was thinking… its about time to make some chicky snacks again.