I’m really excited for all things Easter.
I just have to remember to skip the Easter candy aisle.
The Cadbury mini eggs scream my name for pete’s sake.
I’m staying strong for now. Clean record. Promise. I haven’t had any… yet.

I’ve always wanted an egg tree to make the house more festive.
I love the ones from Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, and even enjoy my simple version.

egg tree

I just grabbed some cheap stems from Michael’s and a bag of glitter eggs from Target.
Easier, but not as fun as glittering the eggs (with Martha glitter) myself.
I tied a little loop of ribbon and hot glued it to the egg.

So lets bring on the pastels, the chicks, the bunnies, the flowers and the colored eggs.

Saying colored eggs just makes me think of- you know what- again!
If someone knows how to keep the Cadbury mini egg cravings to a minimum, let me know.

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