Once upon a time we had a friend who refused to let us throw her a baby shower.

And apparently she is more convincing than I was when I said the same thing (but I’m over it and loved my groovy shower).

But we love her too much to let her get off that easily.

So, we did a baby shower in a bouquet! Lots of fun gift cards among some beautiful flowers.


First of all, here is the disclaimer: I don’t know a thing about floral arranging. I often pretend I can do things I have no business doing.

Line the basket with plastic and then put the floral foam in.


Start with the greenery. I think that’s a rule. I got lemon leaf, leather fern, and baby’s breath.


Then add some perty flowers and water the foam.

Then, borrow the Wild Card Cricut Cartridge and cut some cute little matching envelopes to put all the gift certificates in.

I bought the clear plastic card holders from the florist to put the envelopes in but you could use long skewers as well.

Add a card to say who the gift is from and voila! Baby Shower Bouquet!


For another friend Ashleigh did a baby shower book with the cutest sayings and each page had a different gift card. You could also do an edible bouquet with fruit or cookies or candy bars (chocolate is one of the five food groups for pregnant people).

No matter what you do, find a way to spoil a pregnant lady, even a shy one. Because, I believe every baby deserves a party especially this one because he doesn’t know he’s the fourth boy.