Because there are blossoms on the trees and swimsuits galore out at Target..
Not because my pool has a disturbingly green hue…
Not because the swimsuits at Target look small enough to belong on a Barbie doll and I am in horror that I may have to squeeze into one…
I wanted to share a sneak peak into summer birthday fun.

We had a summer swim and scuba party this month at an indoor scuba facility. Geniusly easy, perfect for a bunch of 9 year olds who have the joy of digging out swimsuits they haven’t worn in months and then realizing the dog has chewed up every pair of goggles. (That would never happen in our house). My brain on lack of sleep and seriously limited cake decorating skills couldn’t quite come up with a scuba man cake, but I can copy the snorkel dude cake from Family Fun.

He’s cute and easy and frankly, nine year old boys don’t care what the cake looks like they all just wanted to make sure they got a hershey kiss on their piece of cake. I love being able to make all their dreams come true with a small piece of chocolate.


I know it’s no homemade ravioli, but I’m easily impressed with myself. Here’s another option for a boy swim, luau party. He was nine and thought this volcano was awesome.

And shocking, it didn’t come from Family Fun.
It came from Parents magazine. 🙂

July 5-September 7, 2005 282

Hold on to your frosting, cause now Ashleigh can post her hula girl cake from her daughter’s luau party.
P.S. Since summer is only a few months away I’m calling a pool service and starting my diet. Tomorrow.

Sure, I’ll bust out my luau cake from 3 years ago…. I just put a grass skirt on a barbie cake.
luau cake