Can you believe it…. 7 treats!
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I’m finishing treat week with my kiddos and making yummy parfaits!
parfait 2

FYI- this is a great thing to do at a school Valentine’s party.
This is a fun alternative to bringing cookies or cupcakes.

The kids usually come to the snack station in smaller groups while the rest of the class is doing other things.

We start with clear cups and decorate them with heart foam stickers (just for fun).
You can find buckets of these at craft stores for cheap.
decorate cups

Then we layer cake, pudding mixture, cool whip and sprinkles.
(When doing this with little kids, I don’t hand over control of the pudding,
I just give them a spoonful when they need it. They put in the cake and sprinkles.)

For the cake, I make cupcakes and cut them in half. They fit in the cups perfectly.
Or even easier, you can buy a pre-made cake at the bakery and cut it into cubes.

For the pudding mixture, mix equal parts vanilla pudding, vanilla yogurt and cool whip. (dye it pink)
Have some extra cool whip for the top.

They get to choose how many layers and what they want to toss in.

Of course you could make these in fancy glass parfait cups for adults.
And of course there are a million different options for the layers.
You can put some ice cream in there, candies, crumbled cookies,
fruit, chocolate chunks, vegetables… just kidding about the veggies, don’t ruin it!
Whichever sweet layers you choose, it will be fun!
parfait copy

I hope someone out there has enjoyed my little “treat week” experiment.
I’ve had fun experimenting in the kitchen and with my pictures in photoshop.
But I’m thinking the house was a little neglected and I had a little too much fun,
so give me a couple days to do a little housework and I’ll be back soon.

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