Yeah for treat week! Thanks Ash, for bringing me some of those cupcakes. Divine!
Did you all see the treats I posted? No?
That’s right, that’s because the only treat I’ve been working on is this sweet thing…


He is squishy and soft and his bum fits right in my hand when I hold him. I would like my full time job to be holding him and listening to his sqeaks, but…

Since he is already two weeks old and my maternity leave from reality is officially over, I thought I would try to uphold my end of the blogging bargain, so here’s a repurposed frame I made last year for Valentine’s Day.


I found a frame in the very dark recesses of my closet with spots for four pictures. I used some fabric scraps I had and cut hearts. I backed each heart with a thin layer of batting and did a zig zag stitch around the edge.


I popped them in the frame and had a cute valentine’s decoration for free! Yeah!

The beauty of this idea is that frames can be used for more than just pictures. I put different colored easter eggs with other fabric scraps in this same frame for Easter. With so many fabulous fabrics, paper and other material, the possibilities are endless.

When I am on a streak of fixing my hair for more than two days in a row, I may get my creative mojo on again. Until then, I’ll be snuggling my squishy.