I haven’t missed an episode of the Martha show. (since it went live)
Thanks to my DVR and a small obsession, I have seen it all.

I have it on while I cook, do projects, and such.
I do skip segments I’m not into, but my point is, I’m a fan.

Sometimes my time investment really pays off when I adopt something I see to my recipe box.
This strawberry frosting is one of those treasures:

*Puree 1/2 c of thawed frozen strawberries.

*In your mixing bowl ad 2 sticks of butter and a pinch of salt.
Beat until fluffy.

*Add 3 1/2 c confectioners’ sugar, sifted. Beat until combined.

*Add 1/2 tsp. vanilla and 3 Tablespoons of the strawberry puree.
Mix to combine. But do not over mix. Should be dense.

Martha had the sprinkles (famous cupcake shop) founder on to share the recipe.
They also shared the strawberry cupcake recipe, which I tried and liked.
But it was a little too much strawberry for me, so I usually just make white cake.

So I got out an easy white cake mix, my printed out recipe, some cute cupcake wrappers,
jumbo heart sprinkles and a little costco ribbon to wrap these up.

I usually try to copy the way that sprinkles frosts their cupcakes (the middle one)
But this time I was experimenting.
3 cupcakes

I’m in love with these clear, individual cupcake boxes I got from my cake decorating store.
in box

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, wouldn’t you say?