I don’t go crazy decorating for the holidays. But, I don’t want my house to be a barren wasteland either.
(Why does saying that make me want to sing Teenage Wasteland?)

One of my goals for 2010 was to make my house a home.
I don’t consider decorating my strong point, but I am making an effort.
I decided I would get/make one new thing for each holiday this year.

So this is my effort to pay homage to good old St. Patty’s Day. I’m part Irish, after all.

Simple, huh!

I stocked up on canvases last time they were on sale and this 11×14 was $2.
I was looking for a shamrock on one of my cricut cartridges but LOWE and behold, I found one at Lowe’s.
I donated to muscular dystrophy and instead of displaying this in the store, I asked the guy if I could keep it.
The best part was that the worker asked his manager if I could take my shamrock home.
I convinced him I was a simple crafter with no motive to copy false shamrocks and use them for ill purposes.

I felt pretty good about myself knowing I am serving and donating while I decorate!
I take any self-esteem boosts I can get.

Anyway, I painted my canvass a light green.
Then I just cut out my words on my old school cricut.
Kass has the expression. I have the humble, beginner’s model.
I put them on with temporary adhesive (micro sticky dots).

how to

Then spray-painted the most Irish green I could find.
I did it out on the grass thinking it wouldn’t show up. It did.
Um, honey… you need to mow the grass so it doesn’t look like someone
vandalized a florescent green square in our front yard. Oops.

I simply removed my letters and donation shamrock and I had myself a decoration!

In all seriousness now, I know I am lucky.
This sits next to pictures of my loved ones, who I thank my lucky stars and shamrocks are in my life!
With a recent reminder that life is fragile, I must be reminded to be grateful. I am a lucky lady.

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