Martha had a guest teach her these on her show yesterday.

Rose rings made out of pipe cleaners.

I knew my girls would love these and I had the pipe cleaners out on the table,
cuz we had just made these for Jenna’s Valentine’s.

I grabbed 6 red and one green, and I made one in about 2 minutes.
I was actually crafting along with Martha! (just like in my dreams, only I wasn’t in New York with her)
It was just too easy, you must try! You can get a package of pipe cleaners for $0.99!


Step 1-using 6 reds, fold in half around finger to measure then take it off and twist it a couple times.
Step 2- separate out evenly in a circle.
Step 3- roll each one up like a snail.
Step 4- all rolled up, it will look like this.
Step 5- move your petals around so they are layered like a rose.
Step 6-twist a green one onto the base.
Step 7- roll up the 2 green ones and situate below the petals.
Step 8- pinch the green ones so they are pointy like a leaf.

You can watch Martha’s friend teach it here.
She makes everything out of pipe cleaners!
The possibilities are endless.

The girls were excited to wear them to school today
and they actually thought they were kind of fancy!
rings black


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