I use them for everything. Buy them by the hundreds. It’s all the presentation I can muster.

The printed cellophane bags are cute but that would require runnning to the store for each occasion which is my least favorite thing to do.

I buy the clear bags at our local Floral Supply Store. They come in 3 sizes, literally in a 100 count. I try to keep all three sizes stocked. Here are just some of the many uses.



I let the three little kids pick out whatever they wanted at Oriental Trading Company. Then, got out my Cellophane Bags, printed up a little tag and used the fold over and staple method to hide the fact that I just opened the box that arrived on my door. I used the small bags for the Baby Bottle Pops, Medium for the Fun Dip and the ring pops were already in a bag so I just stapled the tag on top.

Birthday Treats


Apparently I had more energy then and added a piece of patterned paper and flower to these tags, but same idea. Candy + bag + tag = easy and cute birthday favor.

Teacher Treats


My older kids are in middle school and high school which makes Teacher gifts hard and expensive times 12 but I want to give their hardworking teachers a little something. Candy, cookies, whatever go into my cellophane bags and off to school. If the cookies are a little bigger they stack and look very snazzy.

I wish I had more pictures because I have used these for baby showers, handouts at church, neighbor gifts, etc. times a billion.