I finally gave Kathryn her quilt so now I can finally show you!

I know you quilters out there are not impressed with my simple stripes, but I just wanted to try one this way.

The exciting news is that my mother-in-law recently got a quilting machine, so I got to use it!
I used to have to go out of town to rent time on a machine.
Now it is closer and more fun to learn from her, the quilting expert.


{Here’s the sentimental stuff. My mom made a quilt, or two for each grandchild (1-4).
When she passed away, we made a commitment to each other to make a quilt
for each other’s baby in honor of her. Every child needs at least one special blankie, right?
I had never made a quilt before, but now I had a reason to learn.
I have made 3 now for her babies and she has made 2 for mine.}

Look closer!
Do you see the little wiener dogs. Well, their family recently got one.
So this fabric screamed “PERFECT.”
I can just picture the little tike in 2 years carrying around his blankie and playing with his dog.
Plus, I really liked the colors. Orange, brown, blue. So boyish, and so the colors of the nursery.

kass' quilt

I did 2 other quilts earlier this year. I think I’m getting simpler and simpler. I am drawn to simple lines.
Plus I am not good at intricate quilting. That is the real story.

This is a quilt I made for my sister-in-law. It was the first time I did just plain squares.


I made this quilt in February for my friend and neighbor, Leah.
Oh man, this sock monkey fabric was enough to make me go bananas.
(I know my humor is very clever).
I actually had to plan her whole baby shower around the sock monkey thing.