So what is it about January that makes me want to be more organized/ clean?

Is it the fact that I just put away the holiday decor and realized I’m behind on deep cleaning?
Is it the because all of the organizing stuff goes on sale in January?
Is it because there are no holidays to distract me from the dirt that waits for me?
Is it because of New Year’s Resolutions?

Well whatever the reason, I’ve got the bug.

I just wanted to share my new favorite drawer organizers…

The brand is Home Logic. I got them at Target.

I love them because they are clear,
they come in a bazillion sizes (so you can make all different configurations),
and because they stack up, allowing you to use the depth of your drawers as well.

So here’s the before and after.


The before isn’t that bad because it is part of my daughter’s Saturday jobs to spruce up their bathroom drawers.
It doesn’t get too bad when it is maintained. But the old ones just shifted and fell over when we used the drawer,
plus they didn’t come in very many sizes.

This separated all of the different kids of hair stuff and that makes it much more functional
as now I don’t have to dig through the bands and barrettes every morning.

In the kids’ bathroom they have 3 drawers that are huge bottomless pits.
I’m excited that I can fill the bottom layer up with “less often used” stuff and then put layers on top.
drawere 2

Here’s an example of how they stack. I only need a second layer in a couple spots,
but I like knowing that I can just stack away if I want to!

I can just imagine how beautiful these would make every drawer in my house,
but I could buy dining chairs with that kind of investment.

Am I the only weirdo that dreams of beautiful clear organizers?

Don’t tell me if I am.

I’m linking to the cleaning party at Thrifty Decor Chick.