Here’s the story of a lonely dining room. Beige, empty, colorless, sad.
{Not pictured here. There is nothing to picture.}

This room is my new priority. I have been “thinking” of what table I wanted in here for a year or so.
I can never buckle down on big decisions like this.

I was set on round. I wanted this 60″ round form pottery barn for a long time. I was trying to save up.

Then I had an idea that my husband should do a built-in on the bare wall, so I needed to go a little smaller.
Oval. So I was looking at things like this from For sure more budget friendly.

Then I was thinking, is there a way I can do this for even cheaper? I’ve seen some cool Craigslist make-overs.
Then, a revelation came as I ran into
She had a similar style table that she painted black herself.
She was going for the look of the same “aris” table from pottery barn.
We were kindred spirits on the same mission, only she was smarter.

So I went on a Craigslist hunt to find the style table I wanted.

It was my first experience with Craigslist and I wasn’t a fan at first.
Apparently it is first come first serve and I found this out the hard way. Twice.
Finally, I found this baby.


It was pretty good quality, seated 6 and had the potential to become my black beauty.
I was so grateful that Lisa from was willing to answer my questions and
gave me great advice from what paint she used, to how many coats, to what brush/roller to use.

So I went through these simple steps in one Saturday!
I sanded

I painted

i love

It is not too far from my original plans, but it is 1/9 of the cost of the pottery barn one
and 1/4 the cost of the target one. (I’m including shipping)
So I think I’m going to call myself a “frugalista.” I’ve always liked that word.

The good news is that there is hope for my lonely dining room.

dining room

The bad news is that there is still a long way to go.
Next item of business, chairs. I’m thinking about these from Pier 1.
Then there needs to be some color somewhere, then the hubs needs to build my dream shelves.

It is a start and I’m excited about that. No promises on when it will all be finished.
I am indecisive, you know.

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