Let me introduce you to my friend, bar keepers friend.
bar keepers

I discovered this product when I was trying to get my all-clads clean.

Now, please understand that I love my all-clads as much as a girl can love pots and pans.
Maybe because Martha, Gordon, Mario… all the greats use them….. and it makes me feel great.
It makes me feel like I’m practicing for kitchen stadium (iron chef America).

None the less, after 2 years of use and a whole lot of love, they were looking a little sad.
There were little yellowish specks of sticky stuff that would not come off with all of
the soap, elbow grease and dishwashers in the world.
So I found online that this product was recommended for stainless steel all-clads.

Here’s the extreme makeover…
all clads
They are like new. Beautiful and Clean.

But as I kept reading the label, I found even more uses.
It is the best on my stainless steel sink! I can do my hair in the sparkling reflection.
It cleaned my tile grout to a level of white I haven’t seen since I moved in.
It also cleaned the hard water spots off the drain stopper and chrome fixtures in my bathroom sinks.
I haven’t tried, but it is supposed to remove rust too.

This product has been around since 1882 and I just found out about it. I’ve been living under a rock!
Just in case you have been too, you can find it at Target.

One more bottle of cleaning love before I sign off.
Resolve Deep Clean Powder. The best! (not just any old resolve, the powder)

I have a lot of fairly light carpet in my house.
People often ask if I just got it cleaned but I rarely do.
I spot clean as needed with this stuff.
For about a year, this disappeared off the store shelves.
After I used up my reserve, I tried a few other products. None were the same.
It really does work for spots and high traffic areas.

Cleaning has continued to be my current “project.” Just wanted to share.

I am going to the cleaning party at Thrifty Decor Chick.