Serious seamstresses or quilters, skip ahead to the next post. I know I don’t deserve to be on the same internet as you. But, I want to give courage and hope to those who think they can’t sew or quilt. With the ability to sew straight lines, iron and check the internet for tips, you can do it too! I didn’t use a pattern for this baby quilt. I bought 1/2 yard of 4 fabrics I liked and 2 yards for the back.


This quilt is for my Bro and Sis in law who are due with their first baby on the exact same day as I am due with my sixth. I am so excited for an awesome couple who are smart, fun and in for the life changing experience we call parenthood. They put headphones on her belly and play music for their fetus. I’m pretty sure my baby will be born with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder since all he hears are kids fighting and saying it wasn’t their fault. Maybe I should stop sewing and go make them declare a truce. Happy quilting!