Maybe because our mom was a teacher she was constantly saving random things like juice lids, meat trays, baby food jars etc. to use for some fabulous art project with her students.

I have partially inherited this tendency, ok lets face it, disease. This is why I now have a large collection of lace and soda pop tops that I am saving for some unknown reason and why I have saved every Christmas card received in our 17 years of marriage.

So, if you by chance have this disease or are just sentimental and have some old Christmas Cards, get them out and make a garland! PS If you don’t have any, you know who to call, I’ve still got enough for at least 25 more:)


I got out cups and bowls to trace around and some scissors and the kids had a great time finding their favorite cards for their very own garland. Then they backed the circles with red and green cardstock. I strolled down memory lane as I read notes from friends and family over the years.

The kids hung them up over their doorway or over their bed and are very proud. I am very proud that I am recycling and entertaining my kids for yet another project and my husband hasn’t tried to medicate me for this disease (yet)!