My two girls were recently in the Nutcracker ballet. They love it not only because of dance, but because of the excitement of being a part of something, looking up to the “big girls,” and exchanging gifts backstage with friends.

Jenna was a “gingerbread cookie” so we made her cookie friends a cookie kit!

cookie costume

This was inspired by my good friend Lauri’s Chirstmas gift years ago. She thought of putting them in a corsage box. Since then it has been one of my favorite ways to package things. My floral supply store has a variety of sizes. I made sugar cookies instead of real gingerbread because I know all kids love a sugar cookie. I bought a wilton squeeze bottle for each and made frosting, packed some treats, made a bow and a tag, and they were a really fun gift.

cookie kits

Lindsey was a “baby mouse” so I had to really rack the brain to think of a mouse treat! I had some of the take-out style boxes and with a little grey paint and felt, they were transformed into a mouse treat. They were looking like a bunny until I made the face pointy. They still aren’t a masterpiece, but I’m sure the kids liked the treats in it!

mice stuff

My favorite part of the costume is the tail that is attached with a pink bow.
I made sure the boxes had that too.

back of the costume

This is the fun stuff I love to do with my kids when we aren’t in school and we can just play!

To be honest, I think we’re been “playing” too much because I’ve been running really late in the Christmas department. Oh well, It will get done… hopefully… deep breath.