Here’s another tradition for ya.

Kass and I have been making a calendar for our grandma for 6,7,8…
I don’t know, a lot of years now.

She loves them, so we keep them coming every Christmas.

There are many brands you can buy, but they look something like this:

blank calendar

We make a 12 x 12 scrapbook page for the top of each month and fill in the dates.
Each of her great-grandkids has their own month and then we add some combo picts to fill in the rest.

Here’s a few of the months, I’m sure you can guess which ones:


This has been so meaningful to our grandma and it makes us happy knowing she enjoys it all year long.
At the end of the year, she doesn’t want to throw them away,
so she cuts up the calendar and puts it in an album. I’m sure she has quite a collection now.

By the way, Kass is scrapping away because she makes one for her husband and in-laws too!