This is one of my favorite ways to wrap a gift card.


I’ve got a stash of these pillow boxes from oriental trading company.

They are really inexpensive and I just add them to my shopping cart when I’m making an order for something else.


They come flat like this, and I just glue some scrapbook paper/ ribbon/ whatever
to them to quickly dress them up!
After it dries I fold along the pre-scored lines and it pops into a pillow box.


I usually put some sort of filler inside that matches the paper.
This was rafia, but I usually use paper shreds.
And then I put in a gift card. Target might be the best kind of gift card to get!
There is always something I want at Target!


I gave these to my kids’ teachers, ballet teachers, you name it. But the possibilities really are endless…

Any fun paper can make a good birthday gift card holder!
It’s fun for kids, because it looks more exciting than a card.


Here’s a baby gift version:

And probably the easiest thing to do is to cover it with wrapping paper. Then my gift card wrapping can match the other wrapping under the tree. Same bow and all.

wrapping paper

Kathryn makes fun of me for having the same gift wrap for every single present under my tree.
It changes from year to year, but each year, there is only one. Is this a problem?

She jokes that she’s going to put messy gifts for my kids under my tree to mess up my wrapping mojo!

What can I say, it simplifies the gift wrap shopping and I just thrive with some continuity in my life!

She thrives with variety and creativity and says she would die of boredom if her gifts were all the same.
I do admit a variety of cute wrapping looks good.
(At other people’s houses).

I can be creative for other people’s gifts, but as for me, only one of these gift boxes is going under my tree.