Making chocolate suckers is a tried and true family tradition, like since the 70’s. It is totally kid friendly craft, so off track craft time, here we come. We have a stash of these plastic molds for every holiday, you can find them at your local cake decorating store, or if you live close to me, come on over and borrow them. Buy some melty chocolates, they come pre-colored in these Wilton bags for about $2 each. We melt them in bowls in the microwave or use a cupcake tin and this treasure of a hot plate that we have saved from the 70’s for just these occasions.

First use a toothpick to decorate the different colored detail portions of the mold. Then, put the mold in the freezer for a few minutes to harden.

Next, pour the main color of chocolate with a spoon into your mold. Then, put the sucker stick into the mold and spin it around so it is completely covered in chocolate.

Pop the mold back into the freezer for maybe 5 minutes to harden up, then pop the sucker out of the mold like you would an ice cube, by twisting the plastic a bit.

The kids love doing these and we give them artistic freedom for the process. If your kid thinks snowflakes are green, I say, let her express herself. If Rudolph looks like he has a red ski mask on and is robbing Santa’s sleigh instead of having just a red nose, be proud.

If you are Ashleigh and all about the presentation, you put them in individual clear bags and tie cute ribbon and a tag on them. They really are a great thing for your kids to do for a class treat, especially if you just fill the mold up with one color because that is so fast. Sorry, my “presentation” is putting them on a plate for you all to see.

Chocolate Suckers