Last year I hosted Thanksgiving at my house. You have to understand the pressure I was under. You see both Ashleigh and her hubby are fabulous cooks. Normally I just put the turkey in the bag and call it good but I know how Dave hates a dry turkey so I had to brine that bird just to keep up with her.

Then I was a little stressed about the table decor. Ashleigh watches Martha. I watch other things but not Martha. That’s a whole other post. Anyway, what’s a girl to do to make the table look Martha/Ashleigh worthy? Have the kids make a project so if it turns out ugly, you can blame them. Hence, the standard handprint turkeys but they actually turned out cute and the table was somewhat redeemed. While your turkey is brining (or in a bag-it’s ok with me), get out your patterned paper scraps and cut some leaves. Let the kids trace their hands on solid cardstock and glue an “L” shaped piece to the back to get it to stand up. Then go sneak a piece of pumpkin pie while the kids go to town gluing the leaves on and there ya go.

turkey hands