Today was “Thanksgiving” with my side of the family. It was a hit! Dave and I did the basics and Kass (by the way, that’s my nickname for my sister) did the sides. Everything was soooo good, I can go on and on, but I wanted to share a couple of new things I tried this year.

I purchased the “gratitude digital kit” from house of 3. This is one of my fave sites for new digital fun.

I printed out a little place for us to count our blessings.

count your blessings

I tucked them under the napkin so they were optional. Some husbands I know give attitude if we have to say what we’re thankful for because it’s “cheesy” and his food is getting cold. So this way, people could do it or not. The kids liked it the best and I am just going to put my girls’ right into my scrapbook.


I also love this idea I got from Family Fun. My girls always want to help, and putting the fruit on the sticks was a great job for them. I served our little edible turkey with our favorite fruit dip and it was a great snack before we ate.

fruit turkey
This is my show and tell for the day. Can’t wait until Thanksgiving #2 on Thursday.