My latest project was making my daughter a cupcake costume.

She fell in love with this one from pottery barn kids. I did too.

I sadly would’ve paid the large sum of money they wanted for this pile of felt, but I didn’t even have the chance.
It was sold out way before Halloween.

So, I looked on ebay. I saw one that was up to $250.00 and one that was up to $189.00!

The bidding was not over, people! I have to draw the line somewhere.

I really don’t sew, but I decided to overestimate my sewing skills and give it a try.

I was pleased with the end result. Not exactly like the original,
but it resembles a cupcake, which was the goal.

I wish I could post the step by step directions, but the fact is I made it up as I went along. I didn’t even measure her body, I just guessed and cut, and when it was wrong, I trimmed a little here and there. Felt is very forgiving and easy to work with. My favorite part was the little cherry on top. It made me want to make a whole slew of felt food. In the end, it cost me about $20.00. Not bad! {I may list it on ebay next year and see if I could get anything out of it. (I sold my queen of hearts one for $60.00 last year).}

The best part was….. she love, love, loved it!