I was just backing up old photos and I came across these beauties.

I thought these ideas were good ones that someone else might want to use.
Kathryn and I came up with some activities to keep the kids busy during the down time after the meal.

This one shows the paper bag “indian vests” the kids made.
indian vests

Paper bags are free and you just cut the front, and cut arm holes and a neck hole. Then turn them inside out so the plain side is showing.
You can’t really tell in the pictures, but the kids colored on them to decorate them.

This idea came from family fun.
Corn cookies made with reese’s pieces and fruit roll-ups.
corn cookies

These are chocolate tepees.
This picture isn’t a great representation, but Kass dipped sugar cones in chocolate before hand.
Then they decorated with frosting and then they finished them off with three broken pretzel sticks on top.
choc tepees