After enjoying the pottery bard kids catalog, something on the back cover caught my eye.

I saw this cute banner above the table scape and after flipping through again, I realized it wasn’t for sale.
It was just something in the background of the featured plates and stuff.


I knew it wouldn’t be hard to make somethin’ like that. Plus I’m in love with felt after making Jenna’s costume.
This is my version, only I forgot to buy the cute table, turkey hats and 47 bales of hay.

The hardest part was finding good colors of felt.
I found this nice green in the more expensive felt section. It feels more sturdy so it was good for the base.

We cut the squares,
made our own leaf templates on cardstock,
traced and cut the leaves,
stitched the outside of the leaf
cut letters on the cricut out of cardstock,
traced and cut the letters,
I machine sewed the letters on, Kathryn hand stitched them on,
Then I hot glued the leaf onto the green so it wouldn’t show through.
I finished it off with a rope from Home Depot.

Here’s a close up:

Here’s Kathryn’s banner… the fall decor makes it so much more enjoyable.

She stitched veins in the leaves in addition to the outline of the leaves.
She also stitched around the green background which gives it a cute and more detailed look.
Here’s the zoom:
thanks leaf

Can I just say this is typical of us. I usually go on the simple side (less stitching) because I have fears and anxieties about a busy or cluttered look. Kathryn is free thinking and just does it. She doesn’t over-analyze or over-think, and it turns out great. Plus, I usually end up liking hers a little better. Oh well, they’re both cute, right???

In the end it was $14.00 to make including the rope.
My guess is that if it was for sale in pottery barn kids, it would cost more.

Plus it was fun.

p.s. My current project is making a quilt for Kathryn’s baby.
It’s so hard to keep it a secret from her and I can’t post it till the baby comes and I give it to her.