I know you all are on top of your game and have your kids Halloween costumes all set to go, but just in case you need some ideas I thought I would share some of our easy/thrift store combo costumes over the past few years. Then, let me know your easy ideas ’cause I’m looking at figuring out six costumes next year.

Your classic Hobo
Thrift store pants and vest with fabric patches sewn on, a bowler hat (if that’s what those are called), a stick, bandana, some fake facial hair, and not making your kid brush his hair. Voila!


Little Angel

This little girl of mine pretty much wants a pretty dress, wings and sparkles in her hair every Halloween. For our angel we found a basic mostly white church dress, bought pink wings and a halo, oh and lots of glitter hairspray. She was in heaven.


Ballerina Fairy

More wings, this time with a tutu and tiara, and more glitter hairspray.


Belle for your pre-teen on her last year of trick-or-treating

This was a yellow prom dress courtesy of a cousin, that looked enough like Belle to make it work.



One of my favorites, especially with the acting job. For this I took another trip to the thrift store for a jacket that I ripped the sleeves off of. It was in the womens section (don’t tell him) which was great because we needed the shoulder pads. Thrift store greenish small pants which I zig-zag cut along the bottom and a green long sleeve shirt we had. The best investment were the bolts that went on his neck from a Halloween store, they looked awesome. Add some black hairspray and green face paint.


Gingerbread Girl

Get out your hot glue gun girls! Take a brown shirt and pants and glue on rick rack and pom poms. Then have a treat because it turned out so cute.


Wilma Flintstone

Since I refuse to spend lots of money for my teenager for just a church party, this Wilma costume was perfect. Find a white dress at the thrift store, cut jagged along the bottom and one strap off. Make sure not to hem that, it looks more authentic. For the necklace I covered ping pong balls with a little masking tape, spray painted it white and ran some fishing line through them with a needle. Add some red hairspray and a shirt underneath because she’s only 14.



If you haven’t seen the movie, skip ahead, you won’t get it. I found this long purple coat on clearance at Target last week and bought the girl a pig nose. For most of the night she had the scarf on her nose like Penelope. I bought bright buttons to sew on the coat but since she actually likes the coat and says she will wear it the buttons were ditched.


Stick Man

Ok, I don’t have a picture of this yet but it really was fun when we did it for a church party. It was my son’s idea and I had no idea if it would work, but it did and it was totally cool. He wore all black and then we taped and pinned the thin necklace glow sticks to him to look like a stick man, don’t forget the round one for the head. He would go out in the field and dance around and everyone loved it. Soooo cheap and easy. Maybe he should patent it.