Oh the irony!

This is my second spider cookie post in a row.  My spider cookies are my favorite lately.
And yet spiders are the bane of my existence right now!

We haven’t set up pest control at our new house yet.  I was trying to see if we really needed that expense.  My frugal side said I can kill any creepy friends and save some cash.  Ummmmm no!  I just can’t deal with these ugly creepers.  They keep showing up, and it sends me into a panic if they disappear before I can kill them.  Plus, I keep waking up with bites all over.  Somehow my husband and I are in the same bed, in the same room and I am getting eaten alive.  He however, doesn’t have a single bite.  It’s cruel the way they target me.  I placed the call today and decided it was a small price to pay for my sanity.  Hehe.

On the flip side, I’m loving to put spiders on my Halloween cookies lately.  I can’t stop actually.
itsy bitsy spider on my cookies

I just make a small dot of my (20-30 sec) royal icing and dangle it on a line. Then I wait for it to dry and add some little legs with my extra fine tip edible ink food writers.  I’m loving the wilton brand right now.  Here’s the link.
itsy bitsy spider cookies 2

The best place to see a spider is on an adorable Halloween cookie.

The worst place to see a spider is in your room, crawling behind your nightstand, right before bed.

Can’t.  Sleep.

p.s.  The orange chevron-ish design was made using a “wet on wet” marbling technique shown here.