Yep, we went.

And yep, I made a cookie of it.

Because when I see a cute logo, it almost begs me to make a cookie of it.  (Branding by Lara)
And because we put a little sticker on the back and let these act as our “business cards.”
This was a last minute decision as we didn’t order REAL business cards.  Conference rookies!

But the SNAP peeps seemed to forgive our unconventional business card.
Mandi and Becca did a mini-freak-out, which I do enjoy…probably because I had just freaked out about meeting them.  They are so fun, and made the perfect greeters!  

Yes, I was not afraid to tell the rock-star bloggers that I was a fan of theirs.  Do they get tired of hearing it?  I don’t know.  But I figured, if they have influenced me, entertained me or inspired me with their blog, I was going to tell them!  I was happy to tell this to some of the fabulous ladies I met:  Ana, Elizabeth, Char, Amy, Stephanie, Jen, Tauni, Tam, Shelley, the Crafting Chicks, Destiny, Kami, Lindsey, Kendra, Jessica, Cheri, Kristen, the eighteen25 girls, Lorie, Kristen and Becky.

We also got aquatinted with lots of new friends whose blogs are a fresh and welcome discovery!  Yay!  New blog-love!  I’ll be adding to my blog list soon!

So, it’s pretty lame that I lugged around my huge camera all weekend and only took a few phone pics of the whole gig!  I finally got out my DSLR when we visited the tulip festival.  Thanksgiving point and Utah in general is just sooooo beautiful.  I love the mountains!

Our trip was crazy busy as I tried to squeeze in a little cookie segment on Studio 5 (to impress my kids and cross one off my bucket list), visited our brand new niece (no pictures- did I mention I was lame), went to my brother’s graduation and other family stuff.

I was pretty pleased to take home this fancy bag of swag, a beautiful necklace from Amy Cornwell, and a whole new batch of inspiration pertaining to my creativity, my home, my blog, my relationships, my family, my job, and my priorities.

And a big thank-you to Kathryn for coming with me and doing most of the driving.  πŸ™‚
It wouldn’t have been fabulous without you!