I’m the mom of a soccer player.  I’m still not quite sure of all of the underlying meanings and stereotypes that the term, “soccer mom” entails, but I’m pretty excited to be one.

After years of ballet and music lessons with the girls, we are dabbling in sports with our little guy.
I’m new to the scene and I’m not quite sure of all the ins and outs of the soccer world, but I’ll tell you that I love it so far.  I love that he is coached by two great friends who are patient and fun!  I love that he asks me everyday, “Is it soccer today?”  And I LOVE how stinking CUTE he is in his baggy, over-sized uniform.
He loves running around with his friends at practice.  He loves the attention he gets from his older sisters who are so proud of his every move.  He loves spray-painting a blue stripe on his hair as his “shark fin.”  He loves the chant they do in the huddle.  And he REALLY loves the snacks!

He is pretty excited to be a “shark,” which is what they chose for their team name.
So of course I jumped at the chance to do a shark cookie.  And yes I wrapped it up with cellophane and a tag.  I know there will come a day when he will ask me not to do cute things to his food (for fear of embarrassment), but until that day comes…  I’m livin’ it up!

And he and his little friends were pretty excited about their shark cookies!
That shark didn’t even make it off the field before it was eaten.

Ahhh yes…  These are the little things that just warm my heart.
A happy little boy, and an excuse to make a cookie.