Are you sitting down?

Because I am about to blow your mind with the creativity and talent of our friend Allison.

Our friend Allison goes to a small charter school where they have TONS of school spirit.  Everyone goes all out for spirit week at their school.  I die every year when I get to see pictures of the creations she’s whipped up.  Keep in mind that she is a hair dresser, so she knows her stuff.  Also know that she has more creativity in her pinky than I could hope to have in my life.  She has a successful hair accessory business that has been keeping her busy for years, but doesn’t fail to use her creative skills to have some fun with her kids!

So today I’m ecstatic that she gave me permission to share her pictures with you.
Genius creativity should be shared with the world, I say!!!

This could be the definition of crazy hair!  I love it!
She used styrofoam cones at the base of the head, and wrapped the hair around it!
crazy hair

Every young boy secretly wants a mohawk!
Crazy hair day is the perfect opportunity to pull off that punk rock look!

If you’re not dead yet…. because I know you’re dying right now…. take a look at these cupcakes!
She used bulletin board borders wrapped around these pig tails.  That is her (teased) hair on top!

This one was just a head full of grass!  Some insect infested grass!  She stuck them on his forehead with scrapbooking glue dots and said they came right off.  She glued the bugs in his hair to a clip first, then clipped them in the hair.
bugs 1

This is the first time I’ve ever thought bugs are cute!  I hate bugs!  But he can pull them off!

This one was a vegetable garden.  They’re even planted in rows!
veg garden

Ack!  I can’t even stand it!  This might be my fave!  He really did catch a wave!
wipe out

Can it get any cooler than that?  YES!!!
wip out 2

Aren’t you impressed?  She has mad hair skills, I tell ya!  This is a darling apple orchard!  The tree trunks are made by putting a pony tail band at the base, then wrapping the hair around a vertical velcro roller, then putting a band at the top of that.  The rest of the hair was teased and turned green.
apple orchard

This is her littlest kiddo who wanted in on the fun, so she did a crazy hair-do to match her outfit!

How cool does she feel fitting right in with her siblings?
all 4

This birds nest is as intricately created as a real bird’s nest!  Holy coolness batman!

Here is a picture of her with her friend who showed up with a beehive!  Allison says some of her other friends’ favorites were an octopus, peacock, pumpkin, candy store, and a race track.

Now you’re going to go from dying to dying laughing as you remember the American Idol contestant, Sanjaya!  This was dedicated to him!  Sanjaya thought it was crazy hair day every time he preformed!  Alexa looks wayyy better with the rocker look!  I love the flower too!

I changed my mind, because this one is my fave!  This is a rose garden!  It is all contained by a mini picket fence.  She sprayed the hair green and clipped a bunch of flowers into it!
rose garden

Totally gorgeous!
rose garden 2

I think this is creativity at it’s best.  She used her skills and ideas to enrich her kids’ life!  They were crazy hair day rock stars!  This inspires me, not only for spirit week, but in all aspects.  I can’t go all out on every aspect of parenting, but if I really put some thought and creativity into something, it can be a blast for my kids!  A few of these were inspired by Martha Stewart, but she says when she looks for ideas, she hardly finds any out there.  So she was kind to share her inspiration with us!  If you have more specific questions, I can put you in contact with Allison.

I asked Allison for her best tips.  She said…
-My favorite spray color is from Sally Beauty Supply.  Spray outside, and cover their clothes.
-Use lots of hairspray!
-Do a practice run.  Don’t leave it until the morning of, to experiment.

My sister and I love the concept of idea sharing on this here blog.  We have always featured our own projects and creations.  But we’ve been talking recently about how many crazy talented friends we have who don’t necessarily blog.  I just feel sad for you, that you don’t get to share in some of the things I see.   So that is why we shared one of our “in real life friends” with you today!

Thanks for sharing Allison!